Here are a few samples of my work...


Image of traditional design style chair and table

Traditional Design

Interior designer interview on traditional interior design: what it is and how to get the look.

Image of modern living room with orange couch

Home Decor Use

Interior designer interview on how to freshen a space with home decor, such as color and lighting.

An image of a huge open window spread showing the outside world of the sea - currents are lowered to about halfway to let in just enough light into the room that houses a decorated table and a couch.

Window Styling

Listicle blog on ways a window treatment brand product contributes to healthier home environment.

Email | Social Posts | Product Descriptions

Image of paint brushes stained with different pigments

Brand Email

Monthly newsletter email for a residential and commercial paint brand.

Social Media Posts

Social media posts for various home decor retail brands.

An image of a pitcher that has a frog on it, to which it's mouth is opened to let out fluids.

Product Content

Product descriptions for a home decor and furniture retail brand.

Website Content | Inspiration Guides

Photo of the interior of a beautiful furniture showroom

Website Content

Design inspiration from a home furniture retail brand website.

An image of a comfortable new bedroom showcasing a fully made bed, new carpeting, and warm lighting to enhance the room.

SEO Web Content

Search engine optimized website content for home furniture retail brand website.

Image of home decor farmhouse style

Inspiration Guide

Inspiration guide to use as gated content to build email lists.

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