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Welcome! I’m Kastle Waserman. I’m so glad you’re here! Pour a cup of tea, and let’s get to know each other.

To me, home is personal. People want a home that reflects their style and makes them feel comfortable and happy. I believe marketing copywriting for interior designers, furniture and home decor brands is about helping people achieve that goal.

I’ve worked for years as a lifestyle copywriter for various brands. I found I loved writing about home brands and interior design the most. Why? Because it’s about that personal, stylish touch.

I’m constantly looking at decorating ideas and trends. I go to furniture stores and design centers to see and feel every little thing.

I’ve focused my writing career on serving home brands and interior designers because I love it.

And I want to help you succeed.

Keep Your Marketing on Trend

I’ll help you create a content strategy that makes all your copywriting work together to get results.

Professional Copywriting

Need to elevate your content? I bring over 10 years of corporate marketing and journalism experience, plus knowledge of the interior design industry.

Content Marketing Savvy

Home décor content marketing is about building relationships, providing value and earning your audience’s trust. I’ll help your content do that.

Strategic Thinking

Do you know how to make all your content work together or repurpose content so you have multiple pieces instead of one? I do. Let’s talk!

image of a home office desktop
image of a well designed beautifully interior
image of a well designed beautifully interior

A Passion for Interior Design

I’m a copywriter who truly loves interior design. I study home trends and take classes to learn design styling techniques. I use that knowledge to provide content that really caters to your audience.

Home Décor Content Ideas

I focus specifically on interior design and home decor content writing. I understand the industry and its audience. That makes me different from other writers. 

I specialize in brand journalism and interviewing subject matter experts to help you establish credibility and authority by publishing newsworthy content.

I can help you develop content ideas that inspire, educate, build trust and prompt action.

Take Copywriting Off Your To-Do List

Investing in a professional copywriter helps you get back to your business.

Save Time

Why struggle with trying to do all the copywriting yourself? Have more time to tend to your main business of designing a room or selling your products.

Save Money

If you’ve ever priced a market agency to do your content, you know they’re expensive. Hiring an in-house content writer means finding the right person and paying a full-time salary and benefits. Why have that expense when all you want is someone to write your marketing content for you?

Leave the Copywriting to Me

I am the affordable alternative copywriter who can take that writing off your plate without the costly overhead.

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Kastle Waserman Portrait | Kastle Copywriter

I'll Help You

Get Press

I’m a veteran journalist who’s written about lifestyle topics for years, including as a staff writer and online editor for the Los Angeles Times. That means you get high-quality copywriting and behind-the-scenes insight into what publications want in a story. 

If you’re a designer, I can help you put together pitch packages. If you’re a home brand, I can write press releases. More press means more visibility for your business.

I'll Be Your Partner

Having a passionate and knowledgable copywriter doing your content is your secret weapon to opening the door to more growth for your business.

Let's Work Together

If you think I’m the interior design writer you’ve been looking for, schedule a call and let’s chat! Also, connect with me on LinkedIn, Instagram or Facebook.
I look forward to getting to know you!


image of a well designed home interior

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