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Home Brands

Furniture and home decor companies have a lot of competition. How do you stand out from the others? You need engaging content marketing that attracts and inspires browsers and converts them into buyers.

As a home brand copywriter, I can help you reach your target homeowners. They’re looking for inspiration from brand websites and blogs, from their emails, through catalogs and from social media such as Instagram and Pinterest.

I can work with your in-house marketing team or agency to deliver copywriting for home brands that brings in the right audience and influences their purchasing decisions.

Stand Out From the Competition

Strong marketing copywriting showcases your unique selling points.

Increase Brand Awareness

You offer something unique, or you wouldn’t be in business. Professional copywriting tells your story and showcases your key selling points to make people aware of what you have to offer.

Get Their Attention

Attract your audience with copywriting and visuals that get noticed. Help your target customer visualize your products in their space, and you’ll have them hooked and ready to buy.

Earn Their Trust

Buying furniture is a big investment for most people. Content marketing will help you establish a relationship, stay top of mind and earn a buyer’s trust so when they’re ready, they buy from you.

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modern lamps hanging in a store
Modern chairs in a shop

Keep Them Inspired

They say it takes seven touchpoints with a customer to convince them to buy. Consistent content that addresses needs, provides value and builds desire keeps buyers inspired that your product is right for them.

Call To Action

Once a buyer is intrigued to learn more about your products, they need to know what to do next. Strong copywriting leads them through the sales funnel with the right prompts for action.

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I'm Your


Furniture shoppers take time to make decisions for their homes. You need to stay top of mind with inspiring content. I can hit the ground running with knowledge of content marketing and the furniture/home decor industry.

Copywriting Services

Professional copywriting for furniture and home décor stores that grows your business.

Blogs That Bring Value

A regular blog offers design inspiration to prospects and builds desire for your products. It also puts you in Google’s search results with strong SEO. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to engage shoppers and drive traffic to products.

Enticing Product Descriptions

Shoppers don’t just want measurements. They want to know how furniture and home decor will work in their room. As an interior design copywriter, I’ll help them visualize the product in their space – and want it!

Emails to Stay Top of Mind

Keep shoppers updated about new products and specials. Give them ideas for room refreshes and seasonal décor. They may be waiting for the right time to purchase, and an email can prompt that action!

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Mid-century modern side table
a beautiful, modern lamp

Landing Pages That Drive Action

Sometimes shoppers need a little hand-holding. Lead them to take action with a custom website landing page that spells out exactly what you want them to do, whether it’s sign up for emails or make a purchase.

Social Media That Influences

Social media for home brands is essential. Shoppers get ideas from what they see on sites like Instagram and Pinterest, and from influencers. Be where they are looking for inspiration.

Catalogs and Lookbooks

Allow customers to imagine the possibilities for their homes through visuals and storytelling. As a home décor copywriter, I’ll help you provide design refresh ideas and showcase your products.

In-store Traffic

Good copywriting will bring more online traffic and in-store traffic as well. Build a relationship through useful and engaging content that prompts prospects to come in the store and allows your salespeople to close the deal.

Press Releases Tell a Story

Press on your projects is powerful advertising. I’ll use my journalism background to help you put together press releases about launches and tell compelling stories about your brand to get you published.

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Boost Your

Trade Program

Connecting with interior designers and influencers who have strong followings online and get their projects in magazines can mean free publicity for you! I can help you create trade relationships to give your home products more exposure and attention. 

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