Copywriting for
Interior Designers

As a busy interior designer, you might do great work, but do people know about it? You have to promote, and that means good marketing and copywriting.

Blogs, emails, social media and project documentation is a lot of work. As an interior design freelance writer, I’ll take that off your plate and deliver engaging content that makes clients want to work with you. If you’ve already hired a marketing agency or other contractors, I’ll work with them to provide copy for your marketing plan.

Together, we’ll develop interior design content and consistent copywriting that shows your unique services and leads to that call from an ideal client!

Up Your Marketing Game

Strong copywriting is the most important aspect of your marketing plan.

Attract Your Ideal Clients

Knowing who you want to work with is essential, then we’ll create content that attracts, inspires, addresses their needs and prompts them to make the call to work with you.

Create A Marketing Strategy

Just posting an occasional blog isn’t going to fill your pipeline with projects. You need a strategy to have consistent content in front of clients where they are – on Google and social media.

Project an Elevated Image

No doubt you want high-end clients. Professional copywriting will give you a brand image to present you as prestigious as they are to earn their trust that you’re the right designer for them.

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image of a well designed home interior
image of a well designed kitchen interior

Better Time Management

Trying to do good design work AND write content to promote yourself can spread you too thin to be successful at either. Delegate that task to a professional and get back to the job you love.

Use Your Money Wisely

Having a small business means watching your budget carefully. But that shouldn’t mean skimping on the most important aspect of your business – how you talk to clients. Professional copywriting is worth the investment.

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I'm Your


Why struggle trying to do all your own copywriting? I can hit the ground running with both knowledge of content marketing and the interior design industry.

Copywriting Services

Professional copywriting for interior designers that attracts, inspires and converts your target audience.

High-quality Website Content

Your website should reflect who you are and what you do best. I‘ll give you search-engine-optimized (SEO) interior design website content that turns window shoppers into clients.

Blogs That Bring Value

Has your blog been dormant for months? An outdated blog might make people think you’re out of business. I can help you with interior design blog content ideas and writing consistent blogs with strong calls to action.

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image of a beautiful designed bedroom interior
image of a well designed bathroom interior

Emails to Stay Top of Mind

Let your contacts know the latest projects you’ve completed, the interior design trends and products you’re loving—all of which will inspire them to start a new project with you right now!

Landing Pages That Drive Action

Drive prospects to take a specific action by linking content to a custom website landing page that spells out exactly what you want to tell them to do and leads them to convert.

Social Media That Influences

Most prospects these days are looking for design inspiration on social media. Get in front of them with social content that shows what you can do and leads them to take action.

Handouts to Leave Behind

A beautiful, well-written flyer or brochure builds desire. Leave something that showcases your talent, your value and keeps you top of mind so when clients are ready for a design, they call you!

Magazine Pitch Packages

Press on your projects gives you priceless visibility. I’ll use my journalism background to help you put together pitches on your projects for specific publications to get you published and in front of the right audience.

Product Descriptions

Adding onto your design business by selling furniture and home décor brings more revenue. Make it thrive with clear, SEO product descriptions that attracts buyers and inspires them to do a full design.

image of a well designed home interior
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Showcase Your

Interior Design Projects

I know you’re often too busy creating a project to document it. Then you don’t have the content to share online or to pitch to magazines. I’ll be your shadow during projects, documenting every step of the way, so you have a wealth of content. 

What are you waiting for?

Get the recognition you deserve!