5 Content Ideas for Your Interior Design Blog

What to put in your brand's blog on interior design

If you don’t already have a blog on your brand’s website, you’re missing a tremendous marketing opportunity. An interior design brand blog is an essential part of your marketing plan. If you’re having trouble coming up with content ideas to keep your blogs on a regular publishing schedule, I can help!

Here are 5 content ideas for your interior design blog:

Interior Design Inspiration

Readers are likely going to a furniture, home décor or interior designer website to look for ideas and products to furnish or refresh their home. Feed their need by providing inspirational content on design styles and trends that feature your products and services.

For home brands, showcase the latest living room set in a trending look, such as farmhouse style, and how they can have it in their own home by purchasing your products. An example of an informative and inspiring furniture and home décor brand blog is Joybird.

For interior designers, showcase the design style that you’re an expert in, such as coastal style, and how you can create the look in your client’s home. Share furniture and home décor products from brands that you are trade partners with. A great example is interior designer Dee Campling’s blog, where she features project reveals, design advice and more.

How-to Information

Inspirational content also crosses over with how-to content. Your brand can show its strength as an expert in the interior design industry by teaching your readers how to do something, such as furnish a small space or create a trending design look. You’ll be thought of as a reliable source of design information.

How-to articles can drive traffic to your website and generate leads because they are search-engine friendly. People often go to search engines and type in “how to…” Optimizing your how-to articles for these searches will make you more likely to show up in the results and get clicks from interested readers.

People also love to share how-to articles on social media. When someone learns something new, they often want to tell others about it. This means your how-to blogs have the potential to reach a wide audience beyond just your regular website visitors. They can help build relationships with potential customers and clients, making them more likely to do business with you down the line.

If you’re not sure where to start with how-to articles, here are some ideas:

-How to choose the right ________ for your needs/budget.

-How to style your ________ room.

-How to do __________ like a pro.

-The ultimate guide to ________.

Case Studies and Design Reveals

You may have done successful interior design projects, but do people know about them? A blog is a where you can provide proof of your expertise, the beauty of your products and give an account of how you’ve filled customer needs and made them happy. Regular case studies and design reveal blogs show that your brand has a successful track record.

For home brands, blog about helping customers to find their perfect furniture and home décor through the services you offer, such as in-house interior design consultations or technology that helps customers order custom pieces.

For interior designers, everyone loves a big reveal! Get the recognition you deserve on a design project by telling the story of how you took it from vision to reality. (Ask me how I can help you document your projects!)


what to put in your interior design blog

Interviews With Industry Experts

They say great leaders become that way because they surround themselves with experts who provide the knowledge the need to get the job done. Blogs can help you position your brand as a leader by sharing expert knowledge, not only your own but that of other experts in the industry.

Include interviews in your blogs to bring credibility and provide useful educational content to readers.

For home brands, feature interviews with design experts who can offer tips on using your furniture and home décor products to achieve a particular look or solve a problem, such as turning a spare room into a home office.

For interior designers, feature interviews with some of your beloved partners, such as furniture brands, craftspersons, artists or even fellow designers on problem-solving during a project.

Expert interviews also give your blogs more reach. The person you feature in the blog is likely also their own brand; they will promote the article on their website and social media outlets, giving you a prized SEO backlink and driving even more traffic to your website.

Speaking of search engine optimization, interviews provide original and valuable content that readers won’t find elsewhere, which is a real Google pleaser and can push you to the top of the search rankings.

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Give a Peek Behind the Scenes

There’s no better place to help your website visitors get to know you than your blog. This is where you have a voice to share expertise and show what your products and services can do for your customers and clients. Content marketing is about building relationships, so show people what goes on behind the scenes.

For home brands, show what goes into making your furniture. Do you have an exceptional craftsperson? How do you source the materials? In addition, think of a blog to showcase some of your design experts with interviews in which they explain how they help customers put together a space.

For interior designers, show the day-by-day process of putting a design project together, complete with the good and bad days. Everyone can relate to challenges; show how you overcame them.

Giving your blog audience more personal insights instead of always pushing your polished marketing message and sales pitches helps to humanize your brand. People want to do business with someone they feel they know, like and trust. Your blog is a way to create that personal connection.

Do you need help writing consistent blogs for your brand? I can help! As a journalist, I specialize in blog writing and conducting subject-matter expert interviews. Let’s talk!